#120 My Milkshakes Bring..

Whose in need of a milkshake? Hehe, make your way on over..
 When the waiter meets the customer 🙂
 I finally dragged Linx on a post with me & I literally had to drag her but it was totally worth it, I love her blog so be sure to check it out @ http://pearlsandpistols.wordpress.com/
 I was also very excited about this month theme at Collabor88, all I could think about was Artilleri with most of the items. Artilleri is still one my favorite retro stores on the grid. If this store was to ever leave I would actually shed a tear about it; so I just had to bring out some of my Artilleri stuff & mix it with the new items at Collabor88 ! I’ll definitely will be blogging this set up I created for this post. Big shoutout to the kind Nati Williams who was so kind to pass me her textures she used in her previous post that you can check out as well—>  inspireyourlook.com/138 ! She’s also a amazing blogger, she definitely gave me some inspiration with my set up !

I’m Wearing..

*Wowmeh Insize Body Worn*

Dress – *katat0nik* – (green) Diner Dress (mesh) (Available @ Collabor88)

Hair – tram – D425 hair / brown&black  (Available @ Collabor88)

 Glasses – (Yummy) – Studded Cat Eye – Black (Available @ Collabor88)

Necklace – (Yummy) – Fruit Necklace – Cherry (Available @ Collabor88)

Skates – The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Classic (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

Poses w/ Prop – Focus Poses – :: The Waitress ::

Linx Wearing..



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