#121 My Cafe – Part 2 (Final)

Here’s the last and final part of my Cafe as I promised… I hope you all enjoyed my cafe that I worked hard on, I had a lot of fun doing it and it was totally worth it. I always wanted to do a cafe so I can finally scratch that all my list 🙂

Left – to – Right

Shelf – [ARIA] – Alegra wavy shelf

Couch –  [ARIA] – Verna lather sofa with cushions

Newspaper on Couch – Dutchie gift: newspaper

Artwork behind Couch –  The Loft – New York Bus Scroll

[North West] Polaroids on a string (flowers) (no longer available)

Coffee Table – {what next} Charlotte Coffee Table

Items On Coffee Table

*Second Spaces* poker set RARE (Old Gacha Item)

oyasumi / notepad

iPAd – Modded from COCO Tote Bag

[ARIA] – Raquel pencil holder

oyasumi / jar mug

Center Items

Beside Couch –  HIDEKI – Floor Lamp (Old Gacha Item)

 HIDEKI – Bar Sofa (Old Gacha Item)

 HIDEKI – Record Player (Old Gacha Item)

Wall Cross – [North West] Santa Maria cross (no longer available)

Desk Area

Deer Art – MudHoney – Miles Deer Art

Wall Guitar –.:Standby Inc. – World Tour – The Flying V [Fire] (Old Gacha Item)

 HIDEKI – Bar Table (Old Gacha Item)

Items On Bar Table

[ARIA] – Smartphone texting

.aisling – Bric-a-Brac Desk -TypeWriter- RARE (Old Gacha Item)

-tb- Pastry Mania – Mustache Cup (Old Gacha Item)

.aisling – Bric-a-Brac Desk -News- (Old Gacha Item)

 HIDEKI – Small Bar Stool (Old Gacha Item)

Game on Bar Stool – Apple Fall  – {af} Let’s Play Scrabble

Plant – Apple Fall – AF Interior Plant

Cashier Area

 HIDEKI – Menu Sign (Old Gacha Item)

floorplan. – wall clutter

 HIDEKI – Bar Counter (Old Gacha Item)

Items On Bar Counter Left – to – Right

.:Standby Inc. – Industrial Fan (Sun) (Old Gacha Item)

Apple Fall – AF Lilies

(NO) Doll Head Vase – Vintage (Old Gacha Item)

-tb- Tea Time – Cake (Old Gacha Item)

-tb-– Tea Time – Stacked Cups (Old Gacha Item)

-tb- Pastry Mania – Bon Appetit Cake (Old Gacha Item)

GCD – Cash Register Tip Jar (ADVANCED)

[M*M] order pad set

.:Standby Inc. – CH Gatcha – Coffee Grinder (Old Gacha Item)

.:Standby Inc. – CH Gatcha – Coffee Bag (Espresso Roast) (Old Gacha Item)


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