#126 Feel the Movement

ARIA just released a new furniture set for Collabor88 new round I really love this set and the fact I have color option changes for everything on the couch. Also I’m featuring some items from the Arcade along with a free gift offered for the Love to Decorate members.

Couch – [ARIA] – Nikka Leather Sofa  (Available @ Collabor88)

Plant (on right side) – [ARIA] – Blanche vases group (Free Gift for LTD)

Jesus Sign (on left side) – 7 – Neon Jesus Saves Sign RARE (Available @ The Arcade)

Coffee Table – [ARIA] – Nikka coffee table (Available @ Collabor88)

Items on Coffee Table ( left – to right)

[ARIA] – Nikka vintage Macaroons plate (Available @ Collabor88)

[Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / White Chocolate Bar (Available @ The Arcade)

[Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / Vinyl (21) (Available @ The Arcade)

[ARIA] – Nikka deco old books (Available @ Collabor88)

[ARIA] – Nikka small succulent plant  type 2 (Available @ Collabor88)

(epia) – Bottle of ‘Verona’ Beer (Available @ The Arcade)

Backpack – AMITOMO.Black Mood Backpack #6  (Available @ Kustom9)

Rug – [ARIA] Nikka Rug (Available @ Collabor88)

Wall Decoration

Floorplan. – Payphone / White (Available @ Kustom9)

[ARIA] – Nikka wall art (Available @ Collabor88)


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