#142 Kitchen & Dining Please !

Items Left – to – Right

Wall Art – (NO) – Copycat Art & Frames – Creation of the first Cat RARE (Old Gacha Item)

Apple Fall – AF Dusk Canvas

Rug – Cheeky Pea – :CP: Spike Rug

Chest – [Zigana] – Apothecary cabinet

Items on Cabinet

Tee*fy – Cassette Radio Stamps (Old Gacha Item)

The Loft – Lillies Peach

.:Standby Inc. – CH Gatcha – Coffee Pot Maker (Old Gacha Item)

.:Standby Inc. – CH Gatcha – Coffee Pot (Old Gacha Item)

.:Standby Inc. – CH Gatcha – Coffee Bag (Espresso Roast) (Old Gacha Item)

{what next} – Bag of Coffee Beans

{vespertine} – notebook display (Old Gacha Item)

LISP – Amelie Kitchen Vase

Planter – The Loft – Wareham Planter

 Chandelier [Gold] – Pilot

Kitchen Set – LAQ Decor ~ Kitchen Set (Multi-color System)

Dining Table – Trompe Loeil – Darya Dining Table Spring

Dining Chairs – Trompe Loeil – Darya Dining Chairs Neutral

Red Cart w/ Wine Bottles – The Loft

Kitchen Trash Bin – Bazar

Wall Plates – Floorplan. – Kitsch Wall Plates


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