#169 Open House Part 1.

I’m very excited about HAIKEI new skybox at Kustom9 ! I really had fun making this my new home, I was able to put together a kitchen,bedroom, and work area in this small skybox. I always wanted a nice small skybox to fill with clutter and now I’ve finally accomplished that. So I will be breaking this post down in parts as usual but for now I’ll start with my work area 🙂 Enjoy

Skybox –  :HAIKEI: Outdoor Open House9 (Available @ Kustom9)

Lanterns – {what next} – Hanging Lanterns on String (Natural)

Pilot – Heirloom Hutch [Red]

[ARIA] – Parma Drafting Table Set (Available @ TMD)

Cat on Stool – (fd) Cat – 06 Caught in the Act (Available @ The Arcade)

Drawer – Apple Fall  – AF Travel Drawers (Peruvian) (Old Gacha Item)

Luggage Bag – Apple Fall  – AF Worn Luggage Bag (Old Gacha Item)

Items on Drawer

[Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / Vinyl (21) (Old Gacha Item)

[Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / Zanax RARE (Old Gacha Item)

ISON – HOME – fatty elephant (Old Gacha Item)

[Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / Little Black Book (Old Gacha Item)


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