#193 Sun Goes Down

Mudhoney released a new Bed, you can also purchase the side tables as well along with two beautiful wall art pictures.. The bed have texture changeable blankets and pillows. They both come in beautiful colors that you can check out at Fameshed. ARIA also released some newness at The Mens Dept along with a recent  VIP group gift release from The Loft. ENJOY 🙂

Bed – MudHoney Chelsey Bed – Black (Available @ Fameshed)

Magazine on bed – Apple Fall  – [AF] MAGAZINES

Side Tables – MudHoney Chelsey Table – Red (Available @ Fameshed)

Items on Side Tables

Lamp – Apple Fall – {af} Icon Tower Lamp {Midnight}

Jewelry Box – Zaara [home] : 3 Silver jewelry Box ( Gacha Item)

Clock – The Loft – Book Clock Black ( Gacha Item)

Wall Art

MudHoney Scribbles Art (Available @ Fameshed)

MudHoney Love Art (Available @ Fameshed)

Mirror – Apple Fall – AF Ornate Mirror

Pouf – [ARIA] Blair pouf (Available @ TMD)

Curtains – The Loft – Claryon Curtains White – Tinted

Radiator –[ARIA] – Holden radiator

Glass Table – [ARIA] Blair glass console table (Available @ TMD)

Items on Table

Books – [ARIA] Blair decorative three books pile (Available @ TMD)

[ARIA] Blair decorative Sea Urchin pair (Available @ TMD)

[ARIA] Blair decorative  3D and (Available @ TMD)

[ARIA] Blair vases pair (Available @ TMD)

Tea Cup – Apple Fall – AF Teacup Teal

Art Work – Apple Fall [AF] VOGUE Frame

The Loft  – Alex Bedroom Bench Trellis Black (VIP GROUP GIFT)

Plant – Apple Fall – AF Interior Plant

Vanity Set – Bazar – Floria Vanity Table

Items on Vanity

-tres blah- Vanity – Platter of Treasures ( Gacha Item)

-tres blah- Vanity – Brushes ( Gacha Item)

-tres blah-  Vanity – Compact RARE ( Gacha Item)

-tres blah- Vanity – Makeup Bag RARE ( Gacha Item)

-tres blah- Vanity – Nail Polishes ( Gacha Item)

Dresser – llorisen // eclectic chest of drawers.black ( Gacha Item)

Items on Dresser

-tres blah- Vanity – Mirror ( Gacha Item)

Lotion – Apple Fall – AF Body Butter (Apple)

-tres blah- Vanity – Platter of Treasures ( Gacha Item)

Zaara [home] : 12 Attar perfume bottles ( Gacha Item)

-tres blah- Vanity – Jewelry Tree RARE ( Gacha Item)

Zaara [home] : 14 Camelbone box and comb set ( Gacha Item)


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