#201 Forever Part. 2

Thanks everyone for the kind words about this post I really had fun with this set up and happy you guys loved it as well ! I’m already working on my next place with a theme that I’m dying to show you all. I really think it’s cool and different ! I’ve been having so much fun decorating lately, it truly keeps me busy but I will be doing some fashion post soon so please bare with me my clothing sponsors etcs I haven’t forgotten about you all ! Stay tuned !

XOXOPicture Frames – floorplan. – kitsch wall plates

Bar – [ARIA]  – Sorrel decorated console bar

Items on Bar Left -to- Right

Frame – The Loft – Frame (picture in frame found off tumblr)

[ keke ] – champagne bublissimo truffles (Old Gacha Item)

Flower Vase – [ARIA]  – Sorrel Tulip bouquet  in a vase

Drink 1 – erratic / home – drink / margarita 1 (Old Gacha Item)

[ keke ] – champagne bublissimo – clear (Old Gacha Item)

Drink 2 –  erratic / / home – drink / long island iced tea 2 (Old Gacha Item)

Drink 3 – erratic / home – drink / martini (Old Gacha Item)

Rug – MudHoney – Priya Rug Green

Large Frame – Apple Fall  – [AF] VOGUE Frame (modded/picture found off tumblr)

Flower Decor – {iD} – FlOwEr GaRlAnD (WHITE)

Screen –  MudHoney – Ophelia Screen – blue

Stool w/ Cat – Feline Treasures – Sleep – Ginger Tabby kCurtains – [ARIA]  – Verna ruffle curtain A

Chair –  Apple Fall  – Dapper Chair w/ Deco (Chocolate Leather) (modded)

Pillow – Apple Fall  – LTD Studded Cushion (Chic)

Cat – (fd) Cat – 07 Sitting Down (Old Gacha Item)

Table – The Loft– Spool Table Black

Items on Table Left -to- Right

Books – The Loft – Coffee Table Books

Plant Vase – [ARIA] – Holden Calla Lily bouquet in a vase


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