#202 The Girl Cave

Hey Everyone ! So I’ve been working on my new place for a few days and I’m just finishing up and I absolutely love it. I put this place together on a remix theme of like the man cave, which I have done in the past for my boyfriend so I wanted to a do girl version but have a little boho going on as well.  The skybox I used was a new release from HAIKEI called the Blue Door of Old Apartment which comes off very small but you can definitely make this a place of yours, I was able to get a bedroom,living,bathroom,and kitchen ! I’m featuring some new stuff that’s at kustom9 in my girl cave as well, Never judge a small space they are sometimes the best ! I really had fun getting this place together and I’ll be living in my girl cave for awhile 🙂 SO let’s get started..Skybox – :HAIKEI: blue door of Old apartment (Available @ Kustom9)

Wall Curtain – Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Random} (Available @ Kustom9)

Bed –  junk. – morrison iron bed. Rare (Old Gacha Item)

Rug – Fancy Decor – FD: Winter Rug (Available @ The Showroom)

floorplan – dour wolf print

Side table – Left side – PILOT – McCoy Bedside Table

Side Table – Right Side – junk. – morrison wire lamp. (Old Gacha Item)

Fan on right side table –  junk. memory collector. RARE (Old Gacha Item)

Hanging Chair – PILOT – Larkin Set – Hanging Chair 2

Crate – Hideki – Record Crate

Wall Banner –  [Con.] – Sideshow Banner – Event Organiser (Available @ Geeks’n’Nerds)

HIDEKI – Record Player (Old Gacha Item)

Stool – xin. record chair (Available @ *Xiasumi School Festival)

Music on stool – xin. new classic (Available @ *Xiasumi School Festival)

 Wall Art  –floorplan – tree ring / liquor (Available @ Kustom9)

Fireplace – floorplan – slat fireplace / color (Available @ Kustom9)

Items on fireplace

 junk. – half man(nequin). (Old Gacha Item)

floorplan – leaning book stack

Bike – [Con.] -Planter’s Habitat – Bike Planter (Old Gacha Item)

Shelves – junk. – suitcase shelves. (Old Gacha Item)

PILOT – Larkin Set – Cactus Planter

Wire Shelf – Sari-Sari – Adventurer Wire Shelf

Poster – XYZ // Newspaper Art

 junk. – pipe telephone. (Old Gacha Item)

 junk. – morrison bar table. (Old Gacha Item)

Items on bar table

xin. – mk2 + black (Available @ *Xiasumi School Festival)

PILOT  – Coffee Mug [Gold Lipstick] (Available @ Kustom9)

Apple Fall  – {af} Chinese Box

HIDEKI – Pile of Stuff

floorplan – tree ring / feather (Available @ Kustom9)

floorplan -. tree ring / merde (Available @ Kustom9)

floorplan – tree ring / death (Available @ Kustom9)

floorplan – tree ring / daisy (Available @ Kustom9)

xin. – vintage microphone (Available @ *Xiasumi School Festival)

Seven Emporium – Post Office Box (Old Gacha Item)

Chest –  junk. – wannabe boho. studded chest. (Old Gacha Item)

Items on Chest Left -to- Right

.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -TypeWriter- RARE

Fancy Decor – FD: Letter Opener & Mail

 junk. – city lights. (Old Gacha Item)

*Second Spaces* – Rosalie Secretary – red (full)

radio – xin. – portable amp + black (Available @ *Xiasumi School Festival)

*Second Spaces* –  Stamps (Old Gacha Item)

[Con.] – Sideshow Banner – Ruthed Avatar (Available @ Geeks’n’Nerds)

[Con.] – Sideshow Banner – Monkey Muscle Man (Available @ Geeks’n’Nerds)

 junk. – keyhole clock. (Old Gacha Item)

 junk. – lazy daybed. RARE (Old Gacha Item)

 junk. – morrison cushion pile. (Old Gacha Item)

 junk. – morrison locker cabinet. (Old Gacha Item)

 junk. – morrison wall art light. (Old Gacha Item)


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