#212 The Girl Gave Part 3.

I’m back and finishing up my Girl Cave with sharing my bathroom and kitchen ! I totally fell in love with my girl gave and had fun putting it to together and sharing it with you all ! I’m sorry if I took so long with putting out each area. I hope you all enjoyed  my girl cave especially all the girls out there, that gets tired of the man cave it was finally time for the girl’s cave ! Enjoy & Happy Holidays

Skybox – :HAIKEI: blue door of Old apartment

Items Left -to- Right

Basket –  junk. – metal basket.

Toilet Brush –  [ARIA] – Vivien toilet brush

Toilet Holder – Trompe Loeil – Classic Paper Holder

Toilet – Warm – MadPea Toilet

Picture above toilet – Toronto-Bathroom canvas

*Second Spaces*  – Bathroom Clutter – clean up (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

*Second Spaces* – Bathroom Clutter – bucket of things (boy) (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

Shelf – junk.  – birdcage shelves.

Items on Shelf

Bazar – Toronto-Bathroom bottles

*Second Spaces*  – Bathroom Clutter – jars of essentials RARE (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

*Second Spaces*  – Bathroom Clutter – Freshness (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

*Second Spaces*  – Clean Sweep – sponges & brush (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

Sink – [ARIA] – Vivien concrete sink

Items on Sink Left -to- Right

Vase – Fancy Decor – FD: Vase with Branches

Hair Dryer – [ARIA] – Vivien decorative hair dryer

*Second Spaces*  – Bathroom Clutter – bottles of beauty (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

Bazar – Toronto -Soap

[ARIA] – Vivien soap dispenser

Mirror –  [ARIA] – Vivien decorative mirror

[ARIA] – Vivien toothbrush holder

*Second Spaces*  – sick day pills, cough syrup (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

Rug –  [ARIA] – Vivien floor towel

Stool –*Second Spaces* – Bathroom Clutter – to pass the time RARE (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

 junk. – morrison packing crate screen.

Side Table –  junk. – morrison bar table.

Items on side Table

xin. – mk2 + black

Coffee – Pilot

On The Wall

LISP – Mesh – Polaroid String Resizable – Add Own Pics Version

PILOT – Magon Art Collection

Couch –DIGS – Heritage Loveseat – Brown – PG [MESH]

Hanger Rack – Soy. Iron circle hanger rack

Wall Rug – Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Random} (Store Coming Soon)

Picture – floorplan – the floral fox

Zigana . rug . stripe

Items on Rug

xin. – super-sl9000 + navy RARE

*Second Spaces*  – Flea Market Finds – vintage cigar boxes RARE (Old Arcade Gacha Item)

Chest – junk. – apothecary chest.

Items on Chest

Fancy Decor – FD: Stone Disc

Fancy Decor – FD: Metal Disc

Armchair – {what next} – Cubby Armchair (brown_check)


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