#213 Royal

The Arcade is over but doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the items ! I just finished decorating this beautiful skybox home from Llorisen made by Elsa Wellesley, she does the most lovely skyboxes on sl and I have yet to be disappointed. The is the rare version that was in her arcade gacha machine that is now available in her mainstore so you can still try and win this baby ! I love the wall color options and the space is just perfect. I managed doing a living room,bedroom area,kitchen and reading area. Enjoy ! Thanks again Elsa for allowing to blog this beauty ❤ I’m also featuring some new furniture from ARIA & Mudhoney at some popular events. I’m also introducing a new furniture store by the name AptB, making way in sl with some nice pieces of furniture ! Stay tuned for Part 2. for the kitchen and reading area.

Skybox – llorisen // mimi skybox.color-change RARE (Arcade Gacha Item)

Ceiling Light – Apple Fall  – AF Geometric Pendant Light (Gold)

Bed PILOT– Tufted Leather Bed [Black] tintable bedding

Side Table – Apple Fall  – AF Empire Coffee Table

Lamp – PILOT – Pharmacy Lamp [Teal]

Picture Frame – [Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / “True Love” Frame RARE

Book – [Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / Little Black Book

Canvas – floorplan. deer canvases

Couch – AptB // Gatsby Couch // B&W -PG-

Plows – MudHoney – Chelsea Pillow – glitter

Side Table – AptB // Gatsby Table // B&W

Lamp – MudHoney – Chelsea Table Lamp – gray

Book – The Loft – Coffee Table Books

Wall Frame – The Loft – Birdie Tree Picture Frames Dark Wood (Group Gift)

Rug – DIGS – LaLune Rug – Flokati Jet – Straight Version

Fireplace –DIGS – Larkspur Fireplace [MESH]

Vase – [ARIA] – Luana vases with Poppies

DIGS  – Larkspur Fire Tools [MESH]

DIGS  – Larkspur Log-holder [MESH]

[Commoner] – Break-Up Survival Kit / Vinyl (21)

Frame – PILOT – PILOT and JIM – Persephone’s Bane [Black] (Picture not included)

Wall Stud – MudHoney – Ophelia Wall Studs

Living Room Set –MudHoney – Chelsea Livingroom (Items can be Purchased Individually)

Bookcase -Con&floorplan. The Librocubicularist’s Library / Black (Available @ Collabor88)

Entertainment Stand – The Loft – Tv Stand/Entertainment Center Willow

Items in Entertainment Stand

Apple Fall  – White Iris

[ARIA] – Lydia decorative knot  figurine 1

[ARIA] – Blair decorative  3D and

[ARIA] – Blair decorative three books pile

[ARIA] – Blair decorative Sea Urchin pair

MudHoney – Ophelia Bag

MudHoney – Chelsea Skinny Vase – cream

MudHoney – Golden Orb

Side Chairs – MudHoney – Chelsea Side Chair – clear


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