#223 Stockholm Part 3.

Fishing up my place with showing my kitchen and dining area, featuring some vintage ARIA and new releases from Fancy Decor, TORO. Along with some of Xin new items from his Cafe being featured in a gacha machine at The Seasons Story. Enjoy

Kitchen Set – [ARIA] -Vita kitchen SET V2.0

Items not included in Set

Fancy Decor  – FD: Holiday Ephemera (Group Gift)

xin. espresso machine + rare (Available @ The Season’s Story )

xin. coffee tray + closed (Available @ The Season’s Story )

xin. kittea (Available @ The Season’s Story )

Dining Table Set – Fancy Decor – FD: Rustic Dinner Table w/ Chairs & Rug

  Christmas Tree – Fancy Decor – FD: Twig Tree (brown)

Mirror – Fancy Decor  – FD: Silver Frame v. 2

Items on Table

Candle – Fancy Decor : Birch Candles

xin. oatmeal breakfast (Available @ The Season’s Story )

Toro. – Skillet Of Cookies

Toro. – Vintage Flask

Toro. –  Coffie mug on a coaster

Toro. – Afternoon delight


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