#242 Gaze Skyward (continued)

Hey ! I’m finally getting back on track, I feel like I’ve been all over the place and fighting to stay in one place, but I’m here to finally finish showing off my place using HAIKEI place that was featured at Kustom9 but now can be bought at her main store. So here’s my living room and kitchen/dining area ! Enjoy and sorry for the delay ❤

House – :HAIKEI: Gaze Skyward

Wall Decor

Cheeky Pea – :CP: Wanderer Bookshelf

Tartessos Arts – TA Wall Decor Sexy

Chair Left & Right – Cheeky Pea – :CP: Bailey Chair Cat Lover

Loveseat –  DIGS – Reynolds Loveseat – Bold

Easel – [ARIA] – Diedra blank canvas group

Plant – Tartessos Arts – TA Sensation Plant

Rug – junk. – animal rug.

Coffee Table – The Loft – Zinc Top Coffee Table Ash

Items on Table Left -to Right

The Loft – Checkers

MudHoney  – Mustache Books

[ keke ] – lab vase cone

[ARIA]  – Eva vases trio

*katat0nik* Apple Purse


Bench – [ARIA]  – Raleigh upholstered bench

Kitchen Set – Tartessos Arts – ::TA Chef Kitchen Set – Copy::

Items on Counter not included in set

DIGS– Millionaire’s Shortbread

 DIGS – Chocolate Sponge

Dining Room Se [ARIA] – Eva dining room (items can be purchased separately)


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