#247 Stratford Industrial Loft

Eli Baily released this dope skybox at The Mens Dept that’s come in a night and dark version, I featured the dark version in my previous post here. I also decided to  feature some new releases from Fancy Decor along with Apt B and so much more ! Check out the goodies below.

Skybox – =EliBaily= Stratford Industrial Loft – Light (Available @ TMD)

Bed – Apt B // Pallet Bed -MF- (Available @ Consensual)

End Table – [Brixley] Lorelai End Table (Available @ IDK Event)

Items on End Table

/PL$H/ – Shopping Bag – Marc Jacobs ( White )

/PL$H/ – Shopping Bag – H&M

Rug – Apt B // Rug V3 (Available @ Consensual)

Shoe Box – /PL$H/ – Shoe Box Money – Jordan\Cement2

Rose Pedals – The Hive – Shades Rose Petals

Table – Apt B // Pallet Table (Available @ Consensual)

Corkboard – Fancy Decor : Wino’s Cork Board (Black)

Items on Table

The Hive – Shades Cell Phone [w/ Charger]

/PL$H/ Jail Letter – Dear Bae

/PL$H/-  Comb – Polka Dot

/PL$H/ – Notepad – Don’t Forget

/PL$H/ – Magazines – Rihanna

/PL$H/ – Ashtray – Huf

/PL$H/ – Notepad – Don’t Forget 2

All Make Up brushes from /PL$H/

/PL$H/ – Condoms – No Fat Bitches

The Hive – Shades Lipstick

The Hive – Shades Pearl Necklace

/PL$H/ – Ripped Condom Wrapper – Chanel

Desk – Fancy Decor : Pallet Desk

Desk Accessories –  Fancy Decor : Desk Accessories

Chair – Fancy Decor : White Office Chair

Wall Hangings – Fancy Decor : Triangle Print 2 & Fancy Decor: Triangle Print 1

Rug – Fancy Decor : Blue Rug


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