#276 Beach Life

I decided to blog my little beach cabin that I’ve been enjoying soaking up the sun in ! Toro released this cabin at Collabor88 and it’s just perfect for a small beach settings. EnjoyCabin – Toro. Seaside Cabin (Available @ Collabor88)

Wood Frame – Apt B // Country Living Doors RARE (Available @ Kustom9)

Chair – Apt B // Country Living Gardening Chair (Available @ Kustom9)

Picture –  floorplan. – ahoy plank

Table – Zigana . table south . sea

Drinks – Sway’s [Summer] Drinking Jar A &B

Hanging Plants – DIGS – Almut Hanging & DIGS – Almut Hanging Terrarium – Cactus

Crabs in Basket – Basket of Crabs – Mesh

Door Beads – dust bunny . wood beaded curtain

 floorplan. – a plethora of oars

 floorplan.-  buoy basket

Apt B // Country Living Teapot Chair (Available @ Kustom9)

Hanging Chair – dust bunny . hammock chair . medium

 floorplan. hanging oars

dust bunny  . hanging table

dust bunny  . coconut drink

dust bunny  . pineapple drink

Curtain – Apt B // Country Living Curtain (Available @ Kustom9)

Apple Fall – AF Boat Oars (Old Arcade Gacha)

7 – Steamed Crabs Sign

floorplan. sailor’s chair & pillow / stripes

Sign  –  floorplan. – bloomers sign

Bike – xin + toro / cruiser bicycle + surfboard (add me) RARE (Available @ Seasons Story)

Outdoor Shower – N4RS Pool Shower (Available @ The Mens Dept)


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