#298 I Remember..Part 2..

Finishing up this room with showing you the rest of it…ENJOY ! Vanity – PILOT – Vanity [ Faded ]

Chair –  Apple Fall – Bea Reading Chair (Hydrangea)

Bag on Chair –  Apple Fall – Handbag & Scarf

Items on Vanity (Left to Right)

 Apple Fall – Cotton Cluster

(fd) – Makeup Base Products (Arcade Dec 2015)

(fd) – Makeup Prep (Arcade Dec 2015)

(fd) – Makeup Palettes (Arcade Dec 2015)

Second Spaces – Makeup Junkie – brushes

Second Spaces – Treat Yourself – Spa Day – candles and stones (Arcade Dec 2015)

Second Spaces – Makeup Junkie – magnet board RARE

Second Spaces – Makeup Junkie – foundation

Second Spaces – Makeup Junkie – palettes

(fd) – Hair Style Set (Wall Plug) (Arcade Dec 2015)

Screen – N4RS – St James Screen – Grey  (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Basket – Dust Bunny – pom pom blanket (Arcade Dec 2015)

Picture Frame – Apple Fall -‘Still Life Observation’ w/ Dust Sheet

Lace Curtain – Soy. – Vintage lace curtain (cream)

Bench – N4RS – St James Bedroom Bench – Grey (Available @ The Mens Dept)

Luggage – Apple Fall – Monogram Suitcases


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