#334 Man Zone

Couch – Apple Fall – AF Eaton Couch (Black)

Rug – SAYO – Nightshade Garden Rug (Available @ LTD)

Sideboard – Apple Fall – AF Cinema Sideboard (City) 2

Television – TARTESSOS ARTS –  TA Smart TV System

Coffee Table – The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Geometric Table (Available @ Collabor88)

Items on Table

DIGS – Hand-Rolled Smoking Decor

Toro. – To-go Bagel (Available @ No.6 Republic)

TARTESSOS ARTS –  – TA Challenge Chess Set

Picture – Apple Fall  – AF Greyhound Painting

Sideboard – Apple Fall  – AF Fleur Sideboard (Grey)

Items on Sideboard

* S O R G O – Bag of Euros RARE

TARTESSOS ARTS – TA-  Spirits Drinks Set

Arcade Machines

Toro. WARIO BROS Arcade Machine & Toro. BIKER SALLY Arcade Machine (Available @ No.6 Republic)

Box on Floor – Toro. Box full of Extension Wires (Available @ No.6 Republic)

Frame – Apple Fall  – [AF] JUNKYARD Door (Hepburn)

Table – Fancy Decor – FD: Table with Drawers

Items on table left -to- right

Books – DIGS – Book Decor – Short Row A

Computer – Toro. Hacker Desktop RARE (Available @ No.6 Republic)

SAYO – Nightshade Garden Gold Prisms (Available @ LTD)


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