#360 The Darkness

It’s been awhile since I fully decorate a place and I truly apologize I’ve been so busy in rl and currently moved to a new sim and been working with that, but to get me back into decorating Haikei released this beautiful skybox which is a rare in her gacha machine at kustom9, it’s incredibly dope and perfect for a person that like to live in a small area, you can totally full this place with clutter. I also wanted to showcase Amala recent release of her items in The Arcade as well. So much newness in one post. Just enjoy 

Skybox – :HAIKEI: Gray wall pence house gacha RARE (Available @ Kustom9)

Couch – junk. – battered leather couch. brown. adult.

Rug – junk. – zebra rug.

Camera – junk. – vintage camera light.

Canvas – junk. – abstract canvas. floor.

Vase – Kalopsia – Bicolore Vase – White

Vase – Kalopsia – Old Plants – Green Pot

Paper – —ANHELO– G01B5-168GA :: recycling B

Wall Light –  junk. – pulley light.

Plant stand –  junk. – industrial plant stand. dark.

Plant – [ kunst ] – Plants in jar / stand

Plant – DIGS – Langston Rushfoil Plant

Standing Lamp –  junk. – arch lamp. tall.



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