#375 Let’s Relax?

I got inspired and felt the need to show you guys some decor ! Especially knowing it been awhile, actually too long and I apologize, I was having  a decorating block but I think I’m out of that block and have some special decor post coming up but let’s get it started with this Summer kick back inspired post ! Perfect if you need to set up a “Girls Summer Day” or just “Relaxation by the beach”. Those were the moods I was hitting with this post, get some work done while drinking a bottle of wine with my furry friend I named “Mookie”Gazebo – MudHoney – Leslie Gazebo

TARTESSOS ARTS – TA Acoustic Guitar (Rez)

Table – MudHoney – Leslie Dining Table

Chairs – MudHoney – Leslie Wicker Chair – sand

Rug – MudHoney  – Leslie Rug – Wavy

Curtains – ~BAZAR~

Hanging Plants – PILOT – Hanging Planter [White]

Table Hanging Plant – Dust Bunny. – darling hanging plant

TARTESSOS ARTS -TA – VIP Champagne Stand

The Table Decor Break Down

Center Decorations

MudHoney – Table Runner

Rocks –MudHoney – Priya Rock Placemat (Modded)

The Loft – Metal Lantern Black

[ARIA] – Eva Plumeria in a vase

TARTESSOS ARTS -TA Holidays Beach Decor

MudHoney – Leslie Tea Lights

Left -to- Right

MudHoney – Eva Placemat

tres blah- Golden Cage – In the Morning

-tres blah –  Hodgepodge – Morning Start

Cat “Mookie’ – (fd) – Cat – 10 Scared

Amala – The Laptop (Open)

-tres blah – Soiree – Mini Pizzas

MudHoney – Scotch Bottle

[Cosmic Dust] – Shade Magazine

Red Wine Glass – ~BAZAR~


Mini Burgers – -tres blah –Soiree – Sliders 3

-tres blah – Salad Days – Lavender Planner



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