#425 Self Success…

Wall Decorations

[Commoner]  Star of Fame / Best Dressed

[Commoner]  Star of Fame / Best Bae

Mirror – {theosophy} Beaumaris Mirror – Coal (N/A)

Wall Ivy – =EliBaily= Ivy 03

Desk – The Loft – Jacqson Desk Red

Canvas – [high v.] canvas drake

Items Left -to- Right

MudHoney Cooper Magazines

[Commoner]  Break-Up Survival Kit / Milk Chocolate Bar

 Fancy Decor:: Gold Tone Planter

 Fancy Decor: 14 Ramses Bookends

[Commoner]  Break-Up Survival Kit / Vinyl (21)

wv$. Fade // Kehlani RARE

(fd) Morning Essentials (Black)

[Commoner]  Break-Up Survival Kit / Zanax RARE

Glass Shelf

[ARIA] Blair glass console table (modded)

Izzie’s  – Trophy gold (Most Creative) (rez)

[Commoner]  Award Statuette / Occupational (Best Blogger)

[Commoner]  Award Statuette / Occupational (Best Photographer)

[Commoner] Award Statuette / Fashion (Most Fabulous)

Izzie’s – Trophy gold (Shopping Expert) (rez)

Izzie’s – Trophy gold (Attention Whore) (rez)


PILOT – Ruffle Ottoman Decor [black/white]

*Most of these items are from gachas*


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