I’m Wearing..

Hair – DOUX – Mya hairstyle [Fades]

Mask – 11. [VERSOV] MASKOV V.5 (Available @ The Arcade)

Body Blood – Izzie’s – Face & Body Blood & Wounds

Top – Mug – Murder Gacha – #1 Victim Tanktop RARE (Available @ Black Fair)

 Machete – 1. [VERSOV] Machete Gore (Available @ The Arcade)

Jeans – erratic / taylor – denim pants / bloody (maitreya)

Shoes – 16. [VERSOV] FEAROV_(MAITREYA)_BLOODY RARE (Available @ The Arcade)

Single Pose – [IsHere] Saw Female Bento Pose #3 – modded (Available @ VERSUS Event)


Backdrop – C.ment :: Mystery hospital RARE


Mug – Murder Gacha – #1 Victim Knife RARE (Available @ Black Fair)

[NYNE] Pentagle Candle

[NYNE] Horror Art

[NYNE]  Baby Doll

5. [VERSOV] V.2 FOREARM (Available @ The Arcade)

6. [VERSOV] V.3 FOREARM (Available @ The Arcade)

[NYNE] Hospital Bed – bloody

[NYNE] Baby Doll


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