#173 Open House Part 3.

Hey Everyone ! I’m just showing off my last part to my Open House with my Living room & Bedroom area ! Hope you enjoy !

Wall Mirrors – The Loft – Devon Mirror Red (Group Gift)

Couch – The Loft – Frezza Sofa Teal

Floor Lamb – [ARIA] Gretchen floor lamp – RARE (Available @ The Arcade)

Coffee Table – [ARIA]  – Ember coffee table

Items on Coffee Table Left -to- Right

[ARIA] Gretchen big cloche with pinecones (Available @ The Arcade)

[ARIA] Gretchen small cloche with a pinecone (Available @ The Arcade)

[ARIA] Gretchen sphere sculptures (chrome) (Available @ The Arcade)

MudHoney Vases Tray (Available @ The Arcade)

Bed – [ARIA]  – Bianca Upholstered Bed

Cat on headboard – (fd) Cat – 07 Sitting Down (Available @ The Arcade)

Side Table Left – [ARIA] Bianca side table

Lamb – [ARIA]  – Bianca table light

Items on right side table

(NO) Sleepy Cat Pot – Painted Red (Available @ The Arcade)

[Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / Personal Massager (Old Arcade Item)

Mannequin -Tres Blah- Workspace – Outfit Form RARE (Available @ The Arcade)

Items on bed

Tray – ISPACHI [Florian] Breakfast Tray (Available @ The Arcade)

Cat – (fd) Cat – 04 Stretched On Back (Available @ The Arcade)

 Fancy Decor – FD: Table & Frame Set

Items on Table Left -to- Right

[ARIA] – Gretchen Peonies in a vase – RARE (Available @ The Arcade)

(fd) Cat – 10 Scared (Available @ The Arcade)

 Fancy Decor – FD: Mail Basket

 Fancy Decor – FD: Letter Opener & Mail

 Fancy Decor – FD: Pencil Holder

Radiator – [ARIA] – Parma short radiator (Available @ TMD)

Wall Art – [ARIA]  – Bianca wall  art

Wardrobe Closet – [ARIA] – Bianca free standing closet

Wall Frame – ISPACHI [Florian] Picture Frame (Available @ The Arcade)

Apple Fall – AF Gilt Frame (Landscape) (Available @ The Arcade)


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